Vitex Negundo, Nirgundi, Sidhuvara -Plant

Nirgundi or five-leaved chaste tree is medicinal herb which is used in preparation of many ayurvedic medicines. Nirgundi plant has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, bronchial relaxant and hepatoprotective activities.


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Every part of this plant is used in form of powder, decoction, oil, leaves paste for its medicinal qualities.  An adult can take its leaves juice(10-20 ml), decoction(50-100ml), leaves powder(1.5-3g) or dry leaves extract (300-600mg) as per requirement in a day.

Botanical Name: Vitex negundo
Sanskrit: Nirgundi, Sindhuvara, Neelamanjari
Indrasurasa, Bhoothakeshi, Neelika
Hindi:Samhalu, Saubhalu, Nirgandi
English: Five-leaved chaste tree
Bengali: Nirgundi, Nishinda
Gujarati: Nagod
Kannada: Bile-nekki
Malayalam: Indrani
Telungu: Nallavalli, Vavilli, Tellavavilli
Tamil: Nirkunnchi, Nallanochi

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