Painting The Town Green With Kushwaha Herbs And Plants

At Kushwaha Herbs And Plants, our aim is to reintroduce you to the joy of growing your own patch of green. A space to breathe clean and live healthily – both mind and body, a green space that is your refuge. The dream is to make the world greener, one home at a time and together, we can change the landscape of the planet. We believe, even if we cannot do all the good the planet deserves, it deserves all the good we can do.

Plants – multitasking superheroes

Plants are not only picture-perfect, they are living breathing additions to homes who improve air quality, reduce stress and noise-pollution, improve the quality of life, and in short they give a truly biophilic experience. They can be your closest companions who grow with you and also your best therapists.

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

With development, more and more of us are now living in the cities and urban farming has become essential to meet our food needs. Kushwaha Herbs And Plants aims to inspire sustainability and promotes growing our own food by providing world-class seeds and a dedicated urban farming program, Own Grown. Plants can both be your living and evolving décor accessories and also valuable additions to your overall health.

At home, in nature.

We know your longing to spend a few moments of peace in that lush garden you pass on the way to work. So, at Kushwaha Herbs And Plants, we make growing your own patch of green so easy that all you need to do is make space for nature. We grow our plants under expert guidance in a state-of-art nursery to ensure that the plant that is delivered to your doorstep is exactly what you fell in love with on our website.

Over the years we have truly mastered the art of delivering, so, with us, in-transit damage is out of the picture.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at your doorstep, we are with you every step of the way in making your space greener and plants healthier. Our in-house experts will answer your every question and shoulder all your worries to ensure that you have a beautiful gardening journey ahead of

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